Your FlipStart PC is now
a digital camera!

For work or play, capturing images has never been easier. The camera simply snaps onto the lid of the FlipStart for up to 5MP high-
resolution photos and VGA-quality video capture. No messy cords or multiple devices. Just snap into place, point, click and capture! It’s that easy.

NEW FlipStart® Snap Camera

With its inventive design, the FlipStart Snap Camera weighs 1.8 oz. and goes everywhere you do for instant still and video photography. The camera attaches to the FlipStart lid and the screen serves as the viewfinder for up to 5MP high-resolution photos and VGA-quality video capture. With FlipStart's connectivity options - Wi-Fi, Sprint® Mobile Broadband and Bluetooth wireless technology - you can send images via e-mail instantly or save them for editing later. Perfect for vacations and business, FlipStart's new camera gives mobile professionals in real estate, insurance and construction the convenience of an all-in-one camera and PC for field photography.

*3.2 MP camera sensor with 5MP software interpolation.